Security Systems explained

Security in general. The first line of defence for all buildings is of course walls, fences, Etc. and entry points like windows and doors must have physical security in the form of locks and bolts; perhaps even bars, grilles or shutters. But this physical security can be breached and sadly in reality it just changes the weakest point.

All premises have a weakest point and that is why electronic security is so important and why electronic security has come about. The invention of the first burglar alarm is credited to Edwin Holmes more than 150 years ago. But the real advances have been seen in recent years with modern technology having some incredible features that far surpass what the average home owner or small business would ever need.

The survey.

Electronic security takes 2 main forms, intruder detection and  closed circuit television (CCTV). Deciding what equipment needs to be installed is the first task, and it is important that a risk analysis and site survey is carried out by a suitably skilled surveyor. This will ensure that the correct level of security is achieved without unnecessary expense. Installing too little detection will leave serious gaps that can be exploited by a cunning intruder, while fitting more equipment than is needed is financially wasteful and will probably lead to an unacceptable risk of false activations.

Which type of equipment.

For most premises, the first line of electronic security will always be an intruder alarm. Even if other types of electronic security is decided to be more suitable for specific reasons, intruder detection is almost always needed to protect the other equipment from being stolen or attacked.

Intruder alarms.

Intruder alarms themselves fall into 2 categories; audible or monitored. Audible alarms just sound at the premises and are only suitable for premises within a residential area. Monitored alarms provide a considerably higher level of security because, if the monitoring and response arrangements have been organised correctly, the alarm activation will result in key holders and/or the Police being swiftly alerted.