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Unlike most companies we have nothing to hide and we are extremely proud of our achievements as a family business competing with many national companies and far too often fly by night local tradesmen.


The company was started by Mr Paul Stephen Murphy DOB: 8/9/49 who first went self employed in 1979 after been an electrical apprentice since leaving school.


At that point Paul lived in Leeds and was married to Carolyn Murphy. Their son Chris Murphy who was born in April of 1982 became a part of the company at a young age and had an alarm system on his bedroom at just 6 years old


In 1996 the family moved to Cornwall for the better quality of life that the south west brings to anybody.


Unlike other companies that try and buy their way to sucess, we started in Cornwall with just one customer and then two and then so on. Through the word of mouth that is so valuable locally and minimal advertising, we managed to not only grow to be one of the largest alarm companies in the south west, but more importantly we did this without buying any other companies or using any hard sales tactics.


Over 20 years we grew to be the most popular alarm installer in Cornwall and the demand for us to travel further afield this lead onto us employing more engineers further north so that we could meet the demand and ensure we could cover the whole of Cornwall and West Devon area sufficiently.


The period betweeen 2005 and 2011 was very testing for Alarm Guard as Carolyn Murphy (the Mum of the business) developed ovarian cancer and ended up losing that battle in 2011. Paul Murphy (the Father of the business) retired very shortly after, handing the company over to the current owner his son Chris Murphy.


All of our customers chose to use us organically and are free to leave any of our contracts at any point. As 95% of our work comes from existing customers, we need to not just satisfy but also please everybody that we work for. Our company is based on retaining existing customers but we do not rely on contracts that are hard to leave, instead we use old fashioned business values that keep customers happy so they will surely decide to use us in the future.