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Wireless Alarms Cornwall

Wireless Burglar Alarms Cornwall: We are installers of wire-free security systems throughout the south west, using the latest radio technology we are able to carry out the installation of new intruder alarms with the minimum of disruption to you. We are the most experienced company in the local area, when it comes to choosing the correct equipment not just using what is the most profitable for us. Using traditional methods to secure a home or business usually can be done neatly and better with a hard wired system, in recent years advances in technology has made a change but we still advise that the tried and tested methods are still the most reliable and cost effective in the long run. However each property is unique and understanding your situation is key to completing the installation and maintenance of your wireless intruder alarms in Cornwall.

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Wireless Burglar Alarms Cornwall or a Hard-wired Burglar Alarm system?

Wireless alarms are often peoples first choice when they are planning on having a Burglar Alarm System installed. This can be due to a variety of factors. The main reason been the thought of running new cables around their property is often a daunting idea, especially if you have experienced poor tradesmen in the past. Some what I call “fly by night” companies in Cornwall prey on this thought and use your fears to thier advantage, using wireless alarms for there benefit. The main problem with this is mostly down to cheap equipment that is installed by an engineer with relatively little experience of the alarm industry. They offer cheap installation prices knowing full well that you are tied into expensive maintenance costs, but worse than that if any parts of the alarm equipment need replacing in future years you are tied to using that particular manufacturers equipment. This then creates a problem in that the prices of the cheap wireless alarm replacement parts are then inflated. However there is a security solution that is normally the best overall – what we call a hybrid Intruder Alarm System

  • Wireless devices where cables would be unsightly or impossible

  • Traditional alarm system equipment where possible

  • The best of both worlds Wireless and wired

  • Total flexibility

  • We can install a wireless alarm anywhere in Cornwall


Installations and repairs to wireless alarms in Cornwall’s following towns:

Wireless Alarms Penzance

Wireless Alarms Hayle

Wireless Alarms St Ives

Wireless Alarms Helston

Wireless Alarms Camborne

Wireless Alarms Redruth

Wireless Alarms Falmouth

Wireless Alarms Truro

Wireless Alarms Newquay

Wireless Alarms St Austell

Wireless Alarms Bodmin

Wireless Alarms Wadebridge

Wireless Alarms Padstow

Wireless Alarms Launceston

Wireless Alarms Liskeard

Wireless Alarms Launceston

Installations are carried out to meet EN50131 and relevant to the installation type all current BSEN/PD6662-2010 intruder alarm system standards. Wireles Alarms that we install in Cornwall can be monitored by a central station at all grades to meet the strictest levels of security where necessary or simply to ensure peace of mind when away from the premises that has the wireless alarm.