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CCTV Upgrades and Repairs Cornwall.

Thankfully as of April 2015 we are now able to supply hybrid 1080p CCTV recorders that can accommodate both your existing cameras and new HD cameras, giving an amazingly clear high quality cctv picture. We are proud to say we can now supply these Hybrid 1080p Digital Video Recorders in Cornwall.

Digital Video Recorder Prices Cornwall.

When it comes to Upgrading existing CCTV Systems in Cornwall the main item that will make a huge difference is the Digital Video Recorder as this not only records the camera images but also processes them and gives the quality to the final image you see on screen. Old Cctv Systems were all analogue, even though often called high resolution and such terms. Now that HD 1080p Cctv Systems are available we would never specify anything else.

The prices below are ones we can normally honour, but if the cctv system is a brand new installation there would be additional costs on top of these prices. about the worst thing that could come from this page would be for you to misunderstand our prices and end up using a cheaper cctv installer in Cornwall that will let you down. For an exact price or to confirm anything you can contact us anytime for 1080p HD Closed Circuit Television Systems in Cornwall.


Replacement or New Digital Video Recorder Prices Cornwall.



4 Channel 1080p HD Hybrid DVR 2 Terrabyte Hardrive £ 420 + vat

8 Channel 1080p HD Hybrid DVR 4 Terrabyte Hardrive £ 500 + vat

16 Channel 1080p HD Hybrid DVR 6 Terrabyte Hardrive £ 680 + vat


We will happily visit your home or business premises anywhere in Cornwall and install your new recorder to show you the differences before you are commited to buying anything. This also gives us the chance to ensure we can complete the job within these prices. Remember you will be astounded with the quality of this 1080p HD CCTV system if you are currently using an analogue security camera system in Cornwall.