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Monitored Alarms Cornwall



Monitored Alarms Cornwall. We are a cornish company with over 30 years of experience installing and maintaining burglar alarms and security systems. We offer the best quality and value for money when it comes to homes and businesses within Cornwall that require alarm monitoring..

Partly due to us been an ssaib certificated company, but more so because we comply with the regulations required that mean we are able to assign a unique reference number for your monitored alarm system. This means in the event of a “confirmed intruder” at your premises the alarm receiving centre will notify the police. This is often known as Police response intruder alarm system monitoring.

Monitoring station nsi gold approved

All of our monitored alarms in Cornwall are monitored by a third party nsi gold alarm receiving centre for all types of premises including high security sites such as banks and jewellery shops., Monitoring alarms using either single path communication (the simplest and most common signalling throughout england), or dual path communicators (the most secure) will ensure your alarm system meets your insureres requirements. We are BT REDCARE and CSL dual comms approved installers for Monitored Alarms in Cornwall

Alarms are Monitored by an nsi Gold Alarm Monitoring Station 24hrs a day.

Monitored alarms in Cornwall – Installation

We have installed monitored alarms on all types of premises in Cornwall, from simple systems to some of the most sophisticated intruder alarms in the country. We have an enourmous amount of experience, which gives us the unique ability to assess your unique security needs and ensure that your burglar alarm meets the requirements that will not only protect you from burglars, but also ensure that your system is recognised correctly by your insurance company.

All of our installations come with a certificate of conformity to document the fact that all aspects of the design, installation and our business meets current regulations as required by insurance companies.

Due to our wealth of experience we are able to carry out the installation of all types of alarms in Cornwall neatly and efficiently. With expert knowledge and the range of market leading technologies we use, we can guarantee that you will be impressed with not just our alarms but also our prices.

  • Monitored alarms with keyholder notification

  • Police notification for verified intruder alarm activations

  • First class police response to hold up alarms monitored by the arc

  • Monitored alarms throughout Cornwall

(please note: no alarm installer in england can guarantee police response, this will depend on resources available at the time and other factors out of our control,)


Monitored Alarms In Cornwall – monitoring agreements

All of our customers with monitored alarms in Cornwall chose to use us, we have not bought out any contracts from other companies. Business and homeowners that know about us will all happily recommend us and our ongoing service and maintenance. We are able to ensure that your alarm system will be kept in good working order year round with 24hr engineer availibility throughout cornwall and the best possible customer service in the event of any problems. From our admin office in Penzance our office staff organise all jobs and routine maintenance visits in an organised and professional manner.

  • No hidden charges or fees

  • Clear wording on maintenance and monitoring contracts

  • Free call outs to faults on the alarm equipment

  • No telephone reset fees

  • 24 Hour local engineer availibility

  • Takeovers of existing systems

Our Monitored Alarms are protecting hundreds of homes and businesses in Cornwall from small domestic properties to jewellery shops and dynamite stores, we are entrusted and relied upon by thousands of people to look after their burglar alarm system. call us now for monitored alarms in Cornwall and speak to chris about all the options available to you for alarm monitoring with one of our Monitored Alarms in Cornwall.