Home Security is the overall term for security of all types whether electronic or physical. We are able to advise of weaknesses and possible improvements to your existing Home Security. Homes in Cornwall with security systems installed by us are protected properly with reliable equipment that not only protects your house but gives you peace of mind when you are away from home. Alarm Guard are cornwall s most recommended ssaib approved intruder alarm and CCTV installer for home security in Cornwall.

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Alarm Guard – Cornwalls Security specialists for Home Security in Cornwall

The first step in home security is to assess your risk of been burgled and decide on the correct level of security to protect your home and family.

The risk of burglary for each household is unique dependant on factors such as the total content value within the premises and how easily those items can be sold or used by the thief. Some of the other factors include building construction weaknesses, lengths of time the property is unattended and the previous theft history.

We have over 30 years of experience of home security and have installed alarms and CCTV in all types of homes including some of the wealthiest people in Cornwall. You can trust us at Alarm Guard to assess your individual needs and ensure that your Family and Home are protected with the very best of home security in Cornwall

For Home Security in Cornwall we are the local areas leading installer of burglar alarms and cctv systems, we have many high profile customers and big businesses in the area that use our services, but the majority of our customers are just normal people that want to protect their home and family.

Alarm Guard will design and install a home security system that not only meets your requirements, but also your budget.

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